Tips & Tricks: 9 ideas to rock your site

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As a musician, DJ, or musical artist, building a website can seem like a daunting task that is only a job for "those" technical minded people– but with Revolve you can build your own creative website quickly and easily, and best part about it is that ZERO coding skills are necessary. An artist website is a perfect way to showcase your music and talent, and a great marketing platform to bridge the gap between you and your fans– current and future. The biggest differences between just having a Facebook fanpage are that you are in control of the appearance of your site to give a good impression of you as an artist, you choose the content you want to highlight and the tone of voice you want to relay; and most importantly you have ownership of all data like fan contact information. Getting started is easy and we are there to help in all steps of the process. Here are some tips for a rocking a successful site:


Revolve Has a New Make-over

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Since rolling out Revolve in 2015, we've helped many DJ's and musicians create professional looking websites with ease and style. We're constantly working to improve usability to contribute to the marketing of your music and brand. We're thrilled to launch our brand spanking new back-end editor today. This new-and-improved back-end editor is jammed packed with new features to make it even easier to bring your great music to your eager crowd and bring more ideas to life.

Revolve Platform Updates

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We've made a lot of under the hood improvements to Revolve over the last month and a half and wanted to share some of the highlights.

- Over 5000 venues have been added to the venue database
- SEO improvements, to optimize your website's ranking in search engines
- Added an easy to use photo uploader with which you can insert photos in your text
- Bug fixes and general improvements

Contact if you have any suggestions, tips, questions or need some help.



Revolve is moving forward!

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We are excited to announce that today we're moving into our new, bright and spacious office at the Q Factory in Amsterdam – the largest centre for musicians in Europe!

Q Factory offers musicians all possibilities to rehearse and make recordings. It includes two concerthalls, over 50 studios, a cafe, offices and multiple musicshops. In this inspring enviroment we can help our customers better and faster. It also gives us the opportunity to expand our team.

Tips & Tricks: Attract new fans, and keep the old

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Being a successful musician largely depends on fans. Fans are your customers and they are the oil to your operation. They are the ones who buy tickets to events, stream or buy your music, and most importantly they are the best promoters you can ask for by their free ability to spread and share your music- word-of-mouth is the most credible and afforable marketing out there! 

Building a fanbase is just as important as engaging your fans. Below is a list of common mistakes, which when avoided, will help you keep your current fans and attract new one.

3 Music Myths Busted

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Some myths about the music industry are surprisingly persistent. We thought it was time bust a few of them.


Good music is the first step, the second is great promotion. In order to bring a great track to the attention of thousands of people you need to market your brand and your music.

Succeeding in the music industry takes a careful combination of talent, hard work, luck, patience and promotion. Amazing talent requires hardwork and persistance to reach goals and dreams.

Featured Artist: 4Tezian

4Tezian is a DJ and producer from the Dutch town of Zoetermeer. His new track New Dawn, ft. Paula Lobos is out now. He recently performed at the official Amsterdam Music Festival pre-party.

Tell us about yourself.
I am a DJ and producer. My tracks have been released on various labels, among them the label of Laidback Luke. I received support by DJ's like Tiesto, Skrillex and Thomas Gold.

Featured artist: Woof! Woof! Ridicule

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Woof! Woof! Ridicule is an electro-pop band from The Hague. Their first album, Run faster, came out just a little while ago. We had a chat with the bands lead singer, Suzanne.

Tell us about WWR.
Woof! Woof! Ridicule = The Ypma sisters, Suzanne and Eveline, producer Peter Geraedts and drummer Maurits de Vries. In March we released our debut album Run Faster. The album is a mix of catchy, edgy songs with danceable beats and playful synthesizers. What makes Woof! Woof! Ridicule really unique is the use of electronics. We make music by touching water in laboratory glassware or play keys on a bunch of bananas. 

Apple Music Connect

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Artists. Fans. Zero interference.

That's the claim Apple is making about it's new social music network, Apple Connect.

So, what is it? According to Apple, this is where fans connect with you, the artist. Share your ideas, audio, videos, and photos, and engage directly with your fans. Your posts and all of the material you upload directly to Connect can be accessed by everyone, not just Apple Music members, making sure your voice has the widest reach possible.