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You've worked countless hours on your music, perfected it to your utmost liking, and now are ready to reveal it to the world. This article will give you tips on how to be effective in your strategy of getting your music out there and heard by as many as possible.

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Identifying which online social platforms to promote your newly made website is important in creating awareness and building your brand. Drive visitors to your new site by creating an online marketing plan. Here is a guide to help create that plan and to help ensure you get the most out of your website!

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As an artist, you have many different kinds of people that will be visiting your website. Of course your current fans and potential fans. But also promoters, talent buyers, booking agents and media. These people often review dozens of new artists every day and want to find the information they need quickly.

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Have you been contemplating creating a website for your music or a project for awhile, now but always seem to muster up with excuses like: “I don’t need a website”, “a Facebook fan page is enough for me“, “I will get on it when I have time”, or “I don’t have any skills for that”?

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You've just made a website, or made the decision to create a website, congrats! Now it's completely normal to be a bit puzzled on what to do next; where do you begin promoting it, and how do you begin to see results and success in reaching and gaining more fans.

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Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram... With all the social networks out there and that you may be using, you may think that having your own website is obsolete. This is the largest misconception as today it's even more important than ever to be in control of your reach.

Here are 4 essential reasons why every artist needs a website:

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Sometimes you just don't have any news to announce to your fans. It can be difficult when there are periods of no new releases of a new track, or announcements of new gigs. But it's important to keep up communication to boost engagement and stay relevant in the minds of your fans. Out of sight often means out of mind, so keeping in touch on a regular basis is key!

For those times that you don't have much to tell, we created a list of ideas for easy content and good excuses to reuse your older well-performed content.

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It's tempting to keep a momentous flow of releases in hopes that at least something will catch the attention and become your first, or next, big hit. But just as in life, "quality over quantity" applies in matters like this. It's important to be thorough, professional, and release material you are proud of, and above all, confident in.


But the question is, "Is your track ready to hit the dance floors?"

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Claiming your space on the internet is easier than ever these days. The internet is, what seems to be, an infinite space that should be open to everyone to contribute to and exist on. With platforms like Revolve you can build a website without coding skills and a programming background. A great way to claim your place on the internet is by having your own domain.

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Facebook is almost as fluid as the constant rain here in Amsterdam, new changes to the algorithm is happening on a frequent basis. Staying up-to-date on these changes is important as a beginning music artist, learn to hack the system and get your posts seen!