10 things to post, when you don't have anything to post

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Create a Playlists

Create a Spotify, Youtube, or Soundcloud playlist or podcast, and share it with your fans. Update it on a regular basis, promote it, and of course drop your hot new tracks on it!

You can make a general "trending right now" playlist, or use a specific theme for it; a summer songs playlist, your favorites of a specific year or genre, songs that inspire you, tracks that make your feet move, songs that make your bass go bump-bump, Monday blues tunes, Friday fever beats, "sitting on my couch, petting my cat, updating my Beatport tracklist"... you get the point.

Ask questions

Questions are good for engagement. Ask your fans what their favorite song is, in which city you should perform, or create a poll. Besides a great opportunity for engagement, it could also give you good insights into who your fans are.

Change your profile picture and header photo on facebook

We've noticed that the change of a profile picture can get much higher engagement rates than a regular photo post. Some of the artist we work with easily get twice as many likes and comments than they normally do.

We're not saying to change it on a weekly basis, keep it fresh and keep it a bit exclusive, and just change it every once in a while.

The best profile pictures are medium-close shots of the artist, with a bit of upper-body and good recognizable face.

Although the engagement rates for a header photo usually perform less successfully, it doesn't hurt to change it every few weeks. Try to upload the header photo in the right size (currently: 851x315 pixels), that way it will appear sharper.

Tell stories, get personal

Fans always like to know more about you, the uncut & behind the scenes version. Tell them what inspires you, why you started your career, what inspired you to write a specific song, what you are working on currently, which artists you like yourself or what you dream of. And an occasional foodie post, cat admiration note, or up-date on an opinion you may have about current news could work :)

Throwback Thursdays #tbt

Throwback Thursdays or Flashback Fridays are a great way to look back, and a perfect excuse to reuse your old content. You can easily schedule these ahead of time on Facebook or with apps like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or Later Bro on Twitter and other platforms.

Share the highlights of your career or just some of your old youth photos. Don't be shy... we all had our awkward stages. Photos that call for emotions like "Love", "Haha", "Wow", will rank you higher on your fans' Facebook timelines.

"On This Day", by Facebook is a great place to look for material on Tbt's or Fbf's.

Introduce the people around you

The members of your crew, fellow musicians, your management, your girl- or boyfriend (although you may inflict some jelly fans), or even your mom... Fans love to see which people are important to you. So don't hesitate to put the spotlight on the people around you every once in a while.

Oh, and while you're on it; don't forget your fans, throw them some love from time to time!

Quotes and lyrics

Nice inspirational quotes or snippet of lyrics are good go-to's. It doesn't matter if they are from yourself, or from someone else– sharing is caring.

Create a lyric video

Videos can be very expensive and time consuming to make. But lyric video's can often be a good, easy and affordable alternative if you want to post one of your songs on YouTube or Facebook. Just search for Lyric Video Maker and you'll find and many different solutions to create your own video.

Make it personal

We live in a hectic world, it's ok to have an opinion– it makes you human. Don't be afraid to show where you stand on issues that are happening around you. Those who have a loud voice are more likely to be followed by a greater amount of people. And who know's... maybe you'll make a difference ;)


In case you've missed it...

Sharing viral-worthy content is the easiest option to fall back on. Choose one of your own best posts & repost it. Or repost a funny clip, hot song, hilarious gif or photo from someone else. Fans will get a good idea of your humor and may be able to see this "viral worthy" post for the first time (or perhaps the millionth... but it never gets old).

Happy posting everyone! If you want... you can always post this article as well ;) as a matter of fact, we're going to go ahead and do that ourselves! #sharingiscaring

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