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#1 – Give your fans and listeners what they want: Pro-level sound

You may have recorded your tracks in your bedroom or small recording studio, it’s now easier and more affordable to get your music professionally mixed and mastered. If you want to be noticed by fans, other DJs for remixes, blogs, and other influencers, then you need to invest in the quality of your production.

Nowadays finding an online mixing and mastering engineer is easy, so look for one that specifically specializes in your genre. Due to the rise in a number of sound engineers, the price is competitive and most likely affordable to your budget. Make comparisons to offers, and ask for samples before you make your decision.

If you've already mastered the art of being a mixer, check out automated mastering services like Landr or Ampddit to give your track a polished final sheen. Simply upload your final mix and within seconds you can hear a pre and post mastering comparison.


#2 – Help your fans help you

The fastest way to gain more listeners is to make it easy for your potential fans to promote your track. Adding download gates to your promo strategy is a really effective way of doing just that. With Revolve you can have your website visitors exchange their email address for something in exchange like a .mp3 or pdf. When you have email addresses you have more control over the communication they receive from you, and you can use this to your advantage by announcing news and hosting giveaways that urge your fans to promote your music.


#3 – Share reposts with like-kind artists

Spend some time researching other SoundCloud artists who produce music that is similar to your style and who also have a following that is relative in size to yours. Once you’ve compiled a good list, reach out to them via a SoundCloud message and propose a repost-for-repost deal along the lines of you offering to share their track to your followers and vice versa. This will gain your new track some fast exposure straight out of the gate.

Let’s say you have roughly 1,000 followers on SoundCloud and managed to arrange a repost-for-repost deal with just two other artists with a similarly sized fan community. You will have just boosted your exposure by close to 200% from just 1,000 to 3,000 fans. 


#4 – If possible, give yourself a music promotion budget for each release

A small promotional budget can go a long way towards getting your tracks in the hands of people who can share them with a larger audience. You don’t need much – even if it’s only 5€ or 10€ for a new release – you will see results if invested smartly.

Repost networks on SoundCloud are a very effective way of leveraging a small promo budget since users of these networks are primarily there to discover music. But even if you’re starting out from scratch and don’t have the numbers to attract a repost trading partner, you can still gain traction by paying for promotion on larger SoundCloud promo channels in your genre.

Boosting posts on Facebook as well will drastically widen your reach and audience.


#5 – Don’t Just Submit To Blogs – Build Relationships With Blog Writers

Rather than just submitting blindly to blogs via their submission page or email address, you can help your chances of getting your track featured by doing a little research about prominent bloggers.

Learn about what makes them tick. Start commenting on their posts and become familiar to them. Share helpful information. Refer to things they care about. It will show that you're well-informed and understand the scene they are writing about. If they live in your city don’t be afraid to reach out. Invite them for coffee or drinks, ask for advice, offer any ways you can help them. Review shows, releases or gear for them. Show them that you share the love.

This simple type of relationship building can go a long way quickly and the day will likely come when they ‘return the love’ and give you the much-needed exposure and boost for your music and artist profile. Building a career is all about being proactive in brand building, and making yourself known to an influencer is one of the best ways to speed up that process.

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