How to Promote Your Website Online, and be Successful With it

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Online Social Platforms to Help Spread the Word



Most likely you are present on Facebook, so at this point you know the drill. Share your new website on your personal account but also your fan page. Ask your friends/family and fans to share it with their network to ignite as much engagement as you can. You can encourage people to engage by asking their opinion, feedback, and suggestions. You don't only have to share your website once. Share it each time you have a new feature or change on your website. Keep sharing it in order to reach different people at different times.


Twitter is a great platform you can post several times in order to reach a vast amount of people. Use these times strategically and again ask for re-tweets and engagement! Keep your hashtags to a minimum to get the most out of them. We recommend no more than 5.


Owned by Facebook, Instagram is the platform for the visual appeal. Use Instagram to portray your brand with the look that fits you and your music. Share your website, your updates, and new additions. Be creative with filters and effects like time-lapse and Boomerang. Utilizing Instagram stories will also add value to your brand by giving those who follow you a real-time experience into your daily life. Going live is also a great way to add an in-depth look into your music/brand. You can go live and announce your new website, or up-dates to your website... make sure to add your URL in your bio.


Snapchat, for some, may be a dying platform, but there's certainly an audience out there that still uses it and will be captive to your activity on Snapchat if you are present. Use Snapchat Stories to announce new up-dates on your website.


If you host a podcast or are a guest on another podcast, make sure to shout out your website each time possible. Use a call to action to drive visitors there. For example, tell listeners that they can download your latest release by heading to your website.


Each time you post a new track or mix, make sure you have your website in the description of the upload.


Video marketing is the future and is at its peak at the moment, get ahead of the trends and do as much as you can with promoting your website through video platform channels.


No not your own blog (although if you have one outside your website then make sure to always link to your website with each post), but other people’s blogs can be another great opportunity to reach new fans. Reach out to blogs that share the same passion of sound as your music. If they want to work with you then make sure that your website is added in their promotion because then you also win a back-link, which is VERY important for ranking high in SEO results.

Contesting / Giveaways

If you ever run a contest or giveaway, run it through your website so that you can generate traffic and encourage those who visit to leave their email behind.